Villain of Keep on the Shadowfell


Sunken eyes, thin, drained appearance, pale, almost clear skin. Is adorned with tattoos of horns, the unholy symbol of the Demon Prince of the Undead: Orcus.


Long ago Kalarel might have been a good person. However that time has long past. A Death Priest of Orcus, Kalarel has dedicated himself to bringing forth the Demon Prince of the Undead. Through years of research, he discovered a portal that had been sealed in the Keep. Through violence and bribery, he hired the local gang of goblins and kobolds, along with some outcasts of the goodly races. In the throes of the ritual in order to break the seal on the Shadowfell, he was encountered by the heroes and defeated, seemingly to be torn into pieces as he was dragged screaming into the Shadowfell.


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