Aria Swiftarrow

The appearance of a flower with the sting of a wyvern, just trying to find her place in the world.


“Why?” you ask. Well let me fill you in on who so that you will have the insight to answer your question. My father’s name was Bron. He was a hunter and guide in the forests of Elynrae near Portsmouth. He meet my mother Nivria in those trees. Fate brought them together she was leading a band to investigate a disturbance in the forest and he had been captured by the orcs causing the disturbance. Such is the way when you hunt alone I suppose. My father had more than a few encounters with the Elves of the woods mostly to do business or seek permission for a hunt, but he had never seen my mother before that day, or so he claims. I think he got himself caught in order to meet her. My mother was a strong-willed as all elven women are and I suppose helping a man out of a tight situation set the mood for their relationship. After that “chance” encounter my father would take every opportunity to go to the elven city to court my mother. Eventually my mother relented and realized her feelings. They married and soon after I was born. I was raised almost exclusively in the elven community. Until I was nearly 18 I had never seen a human up close other than my father. This is when, with some prodding from my now aging father, I decided to go live among the humans for a while. I moved to Portsmouth and picked up work wherever I could. Usually as an apprentice for some kind of work or another. I never stayed with one thing for very long. I had an unquenchable thirst for something. At the time I thought it was simply for knowledge and experience. It was not until a few years later when I returned home for the funeral of my father that I realized that it was simply the forest calling me back. I had apprenticed with wizards, smiths, mercenaries, even a vintner but none of those brought to me the joy that simply stepping back into the deep woods brought, even in such a grim time of my life. I made a pact that day with myself and with The Earth Mother that I would fight for the forests when they called to preserve that which must forever be for all life to survive.

Still wondering “Why?” well although I found my calling I still hadn’t found my place. I travel and adventure to make my place in the world. Simple as that, not for money, nor for fame, but simply to find where I belong.

Aria Swiftarrow

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