Adventurers Find their Place in the Nentir Valley

Deep in the seemingly peaceful Nentir Valley, dark shadows loom to destroy all life. Rumors persist about a portal to the evil plane of the Shadowfell linked to a fortress north of Winterhaven, a powerful mage’s cabal down the Thunderspire Mountain, and possibly even a ‘point of power’ far in the woods. Kobolds and bandits patrol the trade routes ready to attack and loot the merchants that simply wish for safety. However, all is not lost: adventurers have risen to the occasion, whether for greed or desire for power, or for some higher notion of justice. This the story of a small group, putting their best foot forward in order to combat the raging darkness.

These adventurers are: Saul Pylia Aria Swiftarrow Kisada Maddy (absent)

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(Currently running H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth)

Adventures in the Nentir Valley

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